Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have a confession....

I have been purposely ignoring my hemlock ring blanket. I purposely shoved it under and end table, and distracted myself with 3-4 other wips. Perhaps in its cozy end table cave it would fix itself, because yes, its all imperfect and sad.

Look how chocolately and yummy the cascade eco wool in an unmemorable numerically named colorway:

Now that the cheap diversion of purty yarn has distracted you a bit, I shall admit, it was the K9 into 1s that got me. They are supposed to create a lovely lace pattern that transitions into the feather and fan pattern, as can be seen on functional Hemlocks like Kristina's. I appear to have done about 30% of them correctly, and the rest incorrectly so who knows what the eff I was doing. It was so long ago I can't recall at all...its all a haze.

Now for the fun stuff--pictures of my egregious but yet unidentified errors.

Oh the horror! There is errant yarn bisecting this should be elegant lacey eyelet thingy.

I hate, with a burning loathing from within, frogging from dpns. Off to frog...(orrr perhaps finish up knee warmer numero uno and cast on numero dos!)


Stacy said...

Ahh, love when you realize too far from the mistake that you made a mistake.... and thus have too much frogging in your future.

Kristina said...

yeah.... that's not supposed to be there. =/ but the other gigantic hole looks okay.