Friday, October 31, 2008

Just call me Afro Thunder

I finished a bag! Not a holiday gift tote bag, but a cotton bag that has been awaiting handles for about a month. Since setting the Great Tote Bag challenge I have managed to produce two sewn items that do not qualify for the challenge at all. Funny how that works!

Here it is stuffed full of books and other misc. purse items:

In knitting... DROPS bag in progress, on my lunch break:

A cabley close up:
In other exciting knitting news, I got a knitting magazine in the mail that I did not order! No idea where it came from, but its the premier issue of Verena magazine, and they must have sent out promo copies to IK subscribers or something.

It is by Burda, whose open source sewing website I browse occasionally.
The bulk of the patterns are nautical themed (some very cute ones too!)
This one below, whilst not nautical, caught my eye as especially cute. Doesn't look like a good choice a sweater novice, but it sure is pretty. Also, is anyone but me jealous of the afro? If I could pull it off, I would soooo rock the afro. And make everyone call me afro thunder.

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!