Sunday, October 5, 2008

Faux Mia

Happy Birthday to Mariam!

Back in June, I gifted her a coupon for the knitted item of her choice. Kind of a cop out, but even in foggy SF, it can be hard to find the knitting muses when the sun is shining and the park is calling.

A couple weeks ago, she emailed me this Fossil link to their Mia Scarf. I just finished a couple days ago, after picking up a button at Britex.

The scarf is modeled here in Golden Gate Park at the wonderful (and free!) Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival by Ms. Pitty over at QSBR. We saw the band who sang the grammy winning songs from Toy Story, Riders in the Sky, and they were hilarious, stunningly educated (they all have phd or MAs!), and wonderful, charismatic performers.

FO: Faux Mia Scarf
Pattern: Made it up. 2x2 rib. Cast on 18 stitches and rib away until scarf is the desired length. Create a button hole by doing one YO, K2tog in the middle of the row. Knit a few more rows, and cast off. Sew a ginormous button on the opposite end of the scarf as the hole.
Yarn: Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Fisherman
Needles: 9mm bamboo straights
Button: big old shell button in a faux coppery green finish. Lots of faux in this scarf. Love the button.

Mariam, if you are reading, this is going out to you in tomorrow's mail!

I seem to have accumulated about 9 skeins of this yarn, in this color. I imagine about 4 yrs ago I bought it or my mom gave it to me for blanket crocheting which clearly has not happened.

Ok, back to Sunday Night Football...


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Stacy said...

The yarn looks so soft! And, I do love the button... great job.