Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October heatwave

Hello, Why do you upload this picture sideways, no matter how I rotate it on my computer? Ahh well, still gives the general idea...

San Francisco is undergoing a massive October heatwave. We are in week two of said heat wave. It is so hot that on my lunch my elbow crease/pit/whatever that thing is are getting sweaty while I knit in Union Square on my lunch. I have co-workers who won't even go there to eat lunch, because they feel like people are people-watching them. I brazenly knit in this meat market for the avid people watcher--every type of person from tourist to political canvasser to homeless man that yells to business folk on their lunches. I am not kidding about the yelling, I was accosted (while knitting my first DROPS cable bag) and yelled at. I recall this story, because today, sitting in nearly the same spot at the day of yelling, I cast on DROPS cable bag #2.

This is a belated birthday gift for my dear friend since the third grade! She saw the first one I made, and requested/nicely demanded one of her own.
I am off for some delicious Vietnamese food, then to the symphony hall to see the legendary Dave Brubeck.



Stacy said...

I have the homeless who verbally assault at my work too!

Sarah said...

Dave Brubeck is no Boss.