Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bad Blogger

October was a lousy month to start making a sweater. All the pictures I take of my poor Neiman are the same. Especially because it is basically one color. In the round. Even when I start a sleeve, it just looks like a skinnier version of the main body. I am going to cast on sleeve #2 tonight and hopefully soon I will have pictures of an interesting, fair isle, shiny, silky yoke - a first for me! In the meantime, here is my new spindle from Ghstworks on Etsy. The whorl is redheart (3.75" wide), the shaft is black walnut (13" long total) and it weighs in at 2.3 oz. The craftsmanship on this bad boy is so beautiful; I am constantly amazed at the level of skill woodworkers must have to churn out piece after gorgeous piece like this. It spins slower than my other spindle, but it does spin for a very long time. I usually only have to flick it once or twice before I have to wind on. I'm also really excited about the gigantic cop I will be able to produce. that way too nerdy? Oh well. Such is my cross to bear. I bought this spindle so I could start making thicker yarns. My BGD spindle, as much as I love it, spins too slowly when the singles are thicker, and there isn't much room under that lovely little whorl for a lot of yardage of a worsted weight yarn.

AHH, it's 5 o'clock! Time to go!

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leah said...

What a lovely spindle! It makes me want one too!