Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Great Tote Bag Challenge

Today I cut the fabric for 5 Christmas gift tote bags. The below picture is the stack of cut fabric, with the makings of three pillows in there as well. I decided that the Great Tote Bag Challenge would give me some incentive to get moving on this pile and put some check marks on the "to make" list. Originally, the challenge involved me making one bag per day this week. Then, I remembered I like sewing and do not hate myself.

Sometimes deadlines on the things I love create resentment towards something I once enjoyed. Its like the people who kill them selves around the holidays to make dozens upon dozens of holiday cookies for everyone from the bus driver to dear friends. (Note to my cookie factory friends...come holidays, despite what I have said here, please leave me on the list. I live for the ones with the jam in the middle. And the almond crescents.) I lowered the bar to three bags this week, a much more realistic target.

Here is to another week of crafting :)

Eye candy pictures: flowering tree, Union Square

Despite these summery pictures, taken this week at lunch, I am getting in the fall and holiday spirit with pumpkin pies! I bought some cream puffs from Beard Papas (a Japanese cream puff bakery of AMAZING caliber) for dessert on Saturday, including the daily special, a pumpkin flavored puff. It was amazing, and inspired me to bake a pumpkin pie today. Almost the time of year to make my favorite fudge, sugar cookies, and celebrate uninhibited sweets intake.


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I seriously need to get started on the holiday knitting I've been postponing. Not to mention the wool crepe dress hanging over my head. You are putting me to shame!