Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Fabric

Britex, the fabric sanctuary of SF, had its semi annual sale Monday and Tuesday. Four stories of glorious, beautiful sale fabric. Britex has a ton of designer fabric, fabulous home decor type fabrics, etc. Their wools are to die for, but it is much more economical to just buy wool clothes vs. the gorgeous $90/yard hounds tooth at Britex. I drool over them every time.

I was keeping an eye out for sari fabric for Sew Bella, but again, at $150 a yard, the selection was gorgeous, but a bit out of reach!

I picked up two half yards of simple cotton, for a whopping 9 bucks, for Christmas present tote bags. I have people in mind for both these fabrics! Yaaay holiday time :)


leah said...


Stacy said...

So fantastic! I wish I could have gone fabric shopping with you... I have many fabric desires right about now. ;)

Sarah said...

You are becoming a consummate blogger! What is Sew Bella?