Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Sights

I heard some rumblings of Blogtoberfest, over at A Rosy Outlook. I by no means promise to blog everyday, but I will try to blog more. Which may just mean sharing pictures, but hey, that is fun too!

For now, enjoy some weekend photos:

Chrissy Field: Along this SF beach is a series of globe sculptures, each done by a different artist. This particular one is looks like a regular globe, but is covered in a blue knitted sleeve!

Alcatraz from Fort Mason:

and the pretty beach (Chrissy Field again) at sunset:

Hope these pretty pics help people get through their Mondays........

Knitting question: what cast-ons do people prefer? I am looking for one that is prettier than the long tail or the loopy one (not sure what its called...Kristina probably does!)


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