Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog Stalking, and I found my VW bus!

Does everyone out there blog stalk? I mean, really, seriously, start to identify with writers and then feel creeptastic? I am currently reading all the archives from the last several years of Crazy Aunt Purl's blog (omg, best blog ever, I looooooove her and her cat stories). As I work my way through the archives like its a book (they really do unfold like a book!), I I the only one who is that massive of a blog stalker? Instantly, I know that I am not, cause Kristina does it too :) Great minds, friend, great minds. But are we the only ones? Does everyone else find blogs more intriguing than the news paper? I amoff newspapers right now. I blame them for my panicky over reaction to the markets plunging (I miiiiight have stocked up on canned goods. You know, just in case.)

In any case, many blogs read and unfold like books. Reality TV has shown us that real life drama is way juicier than the fake. I think its because you are reading about a real person, and looking at their pictures. Its only natural to start to empathize. I think its really rewarding to read from the beginning and watch bloggers develop in their craft and in life. Its when I chuckle to myself thinking about crazy aunt purl's cats or her hilarious SNB stories, or the Harlot's "falling downs" in yarn stores that result in massive purchases, that I feel like a MEGA stalker, who has stolen a glimpse into the life of another. Those of you with blogs thinking "she can't mean me," THINK AGAIN. There is a good chance I or Kristina has perused those archives.

I found my VW bus! I would like to blame my hippie obsession on where I grew up, the glorious heart of hippietastic California...Sonoma county! Cows and hippies! Also, great local music and shops, but you know, lots o birkenstalks (i love your birks, mom <3)

I saw this charmer outside the Embarcadero center back in January and couldn't help taking about 40 pictures.

Happy weekends!

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