Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Its scarf season

And I forgot my scarf this morning on my way to get my OM on. Very chilly round the neck! Makes me want to immediately cast on a new scarf wardrobe, and perhaps this cowl.

Last night I knit a few inches on my current simple, stress free project: Knee Warmers. Requested by N to warm his knees on foggy morning bike rides to work, I am basically knitting a K2P1 rib for 12 inches of tube for a knee. I chose the 2x1 rib, and cast on for 3 inches less than the circumference of the knee/leg/thigh its intended to warm. Hopefully this will be tight and stretchy, avoiding the slouchy Richard Simmons look of 80s leg warmers. I do believe we are aiming for something a bit more masculine :)

I am about 80% through with the first warmer, having cast on this Sunday.

Here are some late summer-early fall pictures to distract from a lack of crafting pics!

Civic Center, San Francisco:

Monkshood, British Columbia:

Bivalve and purty sand, Kirby Cove beach, San Francisco:

rosa out.


Stacy said...

Sounds like you have been more crafty than me lately. I need to get back to my sweater.

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

Great pictures!